Handyman Services

Cedar Creek Contracting now offers a wide range of handyman services for your convenience.  Consult with our professionals to help you finish those pesky projects that pile up around the house.  No task is too big or too small.... from repairing a toilet to replacing a leaky roof, we have the tools and skills to help you with whatever project you have in mind.



Insurance Coverage

We are licensed, covered by WCB and carry $5,000,000 liability insurance.


Our customer satisfaction Garantee

We guarantee that there will be no unathorized charges added to your bill.

We will warranty all products and services provided.

Written Estimates and site visits

We charge $69.00 to do a site visit and to provide you with a written quote for your project.  This fee is deducted from the total cost of your job when you hire us and covers our time and fuel costs.

Free Quotes and Estimates

Verbal consultations and quotes are free. 

Hourly Rate for Small Jobs

Our hourly rate for a skilled technician is $69.00

Our hourly rate for a skilled technician with a labourer / helper is $115.00

We apply a two hour minimum charge to all jobs.


  Hours  Technician Rate  With a Labourer / Helper
 2 hour minimum $138.00 $230.00
4 $276.00 $460.00
8 $552.00 $920.00
For larger jobs lasting more than 8 hours, please contact us for contract pricing.

Hours of operation

Monday to Friday. 8am - 4pm 

24 Hour Emergency services

We charge double the regular rate for work performed during evenings, weekends and statutory holidays.

Materials and Equipment Rentals

Materials, supplies  and equipment rentals are billed as extra items.  We apply a 40% charge to any materials we purchase for your project.  This surcharge covers our time and fuel costs.

Clients may choose to supply their own materials but must consult with us prior to starting the project.  Failure to do so may result in products/material not being compatible and could void the warranty of install or the product itself. 

Contract Pricing

We also give quotes by the job and per square foot.  Please contact us for more details at 604-506-2426